Science and art are two not so distant expressions of the same attempt to try to make sense and understand the world around us. The former through the study of the tangible physical and elemental reality of our planet and the universe we sit in. The latter, through the more abstract reflection and expression of the world surrounding us; interpreted and experienced in the intangible realm of the world inside us. We need to teach future generations to understand, respect and admire other creatures, the elements of nature and the coupled systems in the world we live in. Presenting hidden nature in its most beautiful splendour will hopefully bring the tangible world of science and existence into the intangible world of ideas, emotions and the soul, therefore bringing our minds closer to our hearts.

“Without a heart, profit-only business models are like ghost nets.” Jessica Giannotti

We are redefining luxury and seeking to connect people with their environment. By promoting and encouraging a new luxury that is connected and cares for the environment, we are inspiring people to respond, to understand, and to be aware of their world, a bigger and deeper world. At Crùbag we are bringing the future to the present. By combining cutting edge technology, sustainable practices and skilled craftsmanship we are creating something unique that resonates with the elemental nature of our inspiration and biological connection to the ecosystems in the ocean. Through our tangible textiles with unique stories about our marine environment you can explore with us and feel connected. This is a new sense of luxury. Crùbag’s collections appeal to the emotions with our colourful designs and philosophy behind our work as well as to the more logical aspect through our educational materials. Connecting the two, thus connecting the power of the analytical cortex and the power of the emotional intelligence could bring wholeness, acknowledging the complexity of humanity needing to link heart and mind, thus allowing us to move forward to a better and more sustainable future. We identified a gap in the transition between the future of luxury and its current position. The timing is perfect to introduce a new sense of luxury that is not based on prestige and status, but that is based on a story with a deeper meaning. Through the experiential aspect of creating and curating unique products with added value, this new sense of luxury can inspire us to feel connected to something bigger than us. The luxury industry has the potential to lead the path to a more sustainable future by making products in a way that minimises their impact on the environment as well as by inspiring us and making these products desirable and aspirational. The craftsmanship, sense of place and uniqueness associated with luxury continues and is now complemented with a new sense of purpose and fulfilment.   Join our campaign of knowledge-based activism #ThePowerofSmall. Our new coming campaigns are:

  • #PlasticOceans

  • #OurClimateChange

  • #WomenWhoScience

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