About Us

Through our colourful designs, beautiful crafted pieces and exciting science outreach content we hope to bring love, bring awareness and bring a deeper connection with the world around us.


This is a blue planet, the oceans are so important, they are our life support system. We need the oceans to live, and in turn the oceans need us to look after the ecosystems and be more sustainable. Crùbag was borne out of the desire to share the hidden world that I saw when I was a student. I was so in love with it and realised textiles were the perfect way to show that love.

I want people to fall in love with the oceans

We use scientific images and the oceans as inspiration to develop sustainable luxury accessories for you and your home

We want you to be proud of the purchase you make from Crùbag

Our designs are directional, organic and unexpected

As a child I spend lots of time on the Caribbean coast of my home country Venezuela

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