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Ocean lover and advocate, Jessica was born in Caracas, Venezuela and is half Italian. Hailing from a family of artists, her mother and uncle are well established and well known painters in Venezuela. Jessica, was a dedicated show-jumper and horse trainer in Venezuela, Spain and Germany and worked in market research for a consulting company based in Berlin.

Since 2005 she has been living in Scotland where she decided to go back to her childhood dream and fulfil her calling to dedicate her life to the marine environment. She embarked on a degree in marine science as a mature student. During her BSc (Hons) in Marine Science from the University of the Highlands and Islands – Scottish Association for Marine Science, Jessica participated in various curricular and extracurricular marine research projects in Scotland with SAMS, Argyll and Bute Council’s Marine and Coastal Developing Unit as well as Stony Brook University in New York and Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas, Venezuela. Her passion for the oceans and science grew steadily.

Jessica is currently completing a course in Managing Luxury Brands from Bocconi University. She was selected for the inaugural 2015 Scotland Can Do Scale  intensive entrepreneurship training programme at Stirling University with professors from MIT and Harvard. She immersed herself in the world of the fashion industry, visiting fashion weeks, working with mentors and undertaking courses in design. 

Jessica is responsible for the design and creation of the collections as well as developing ocean stories in collaboration with scientists and editors. She establishes collaborations with scientists, research institutions and other organisations and finds new projects to develop through Crùbag. Jessica is passionate about sustainability, creating unique, beautifully crafted pieces and spreading ocean literacy through innovative textile products. Her multidisciplinary skill set and experience enable her to assimilate and conceptualise complex science concepts and produce beautiful designs that people love.

“As a child I spent lots of time on the Caribbean coast of my home country Venezuela. While my family and friends were swimming and sun-bathing I was looking at crabs, shells and observing the movement of the waves. The mangroves in particular were a fascinating place to discover a new world. This is where I am the happiest, in the ocean looking at things.”

Jessica Giannotti

Founding Crùbag

I launched Crùbag to embrace my love for the oceans, marine science and the arts.

Crùbag is a unique world, the future I imagine and want to share with everyone now. We work at the interface and combine environmental education with fashion. As a designer I want to inspire people to love, learn and connect with our beautiful blue planet. This is SciArt at a new level, a unique concept. We are still growing and would be very grateful for your feedback.

I shared the full story on why Crùbag was formed in the Our Story page.

Large parts of the oceans are inaccessible. They have so many different ecosystems and organisms beyond the well-known dolphins and whales. Therefore, showing the ocean’s vastness and richness, its beauty and the environmental issues surrounding it became my new mission.


“Jessica’s vision is unique because we are so often focused on creating visual themes in fashion inspired from land, rather than the ocean. Crùbag challenges these conventional notions of textile print in our fashion industry and creates discussion around the education of marine science”

Fiona Fung, Designer

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