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We use scientific images and the oceans as inspiration to develop sustainable luxury accessories for fashion and interiors

Crùbag works in collaboration with marine scientists to produce textile collections inspired by their exciting work. We use research images and the oceans as inspiration to develop directional print designs and sustainable luxury accessories for fashion and interiors. We tell the story behind the inspiration, spread ocean literacy and link our collections to knowledge-based campaigns as platforms to discuss some of the biggest environmental issues of our time.

We believe marine science is beautiful and the oceans are worth it. It is our mission to shine a light on the tiny windows of wonder that scientists are opening on the natural world, and to share the passion and love we have for the sea with creativity and beautiful, bold designs.

Our beautifully crafted pieces and original narratives bring a new sense of adventure, playful curiosity and appreciation for the natural environment. We want you to feel like you are going into the ocean with your body, mind and soul. It is also a great conversation starter.

Our designs and patterns are directional, organic and unexpected; from elegant kaleidoscopic shapes, to sumptuous abstracts or bold and colourful representations. Mystery and hidden meaning and messages are carefully incorporated into the artwork.

Our scarves and foulards are our pride

They are ideal canvases to present beautiful designs and offer a luxurious product that is accessible and collectable. Silk scarves can reach iconic status over time. Cashmere and cotton scarves are the perfect versatile accessory for any occasion with a soft and sumptuous feeling. We aim to continuously develop our product lines in silk, cashmere, cottons and blends. We work closely with experienced and established print houses and sewing ateliers in the UK and in Italy to manufacture our high-end scarf collections. Every item is finished by hand.

Our pocket squares are a world of their own

We love these small silk squares with hand-rolled edges of pure joy and colour printed with incredible ocean stories.

No bow-tie is the same

We have a zero-waste policy and use surplus fabric and cuts to make colourful bow-ties and other smaller accessories. Each bow-tie is unique, a one-off piece of quirkiness and life to be treasured. Our bow-ties are all made in the U.K.

Our accessories come in beautiful packaging specially made to link all aspects of our brand

Each item is delivered in beautiful eco-friendly packaging containing exciting ocean stories, science outreach content and product care information. Our customers can further expand on the stories and discover more of Crùbag’s world on our dynamic website and social media channels. Our products become highly desirable collectable items. They are experiential and tangible luxury with strong links to their story and meaning.

The majority of products are available in our online shop from limited stock to be delivered immediately after your order is placed.

Some items are available on a made-to-order basis. This means that you know the order you place has been printed and hand finished just for you. We are careful to curate our offering and be kind to the environment by not producing large runs. We also want to learn more about you, your preferences and favourites. We will continuously update our shop and keep you informed.

Immerse yourself in our world of interiors

Our interior products are all Made in Scotland and have a connection to our studio in Argyll. Crùbag has created beautiful interior products such as cushions and napkin sets – all made from natural fabrics. Crùbag is establishing a unique world of interiors where our customers will immerse themselves in a unique world through our unique pieces inspired by the marine environment. These collections combine innovative digital printing technology, beautiful natural Scottish fabrics such as Harris Tweed and traditional techniques that rely on skilled craftsmanship, such as embroidery and embellishments normally used in Haute Couture. Our passion for the environment extends to the materials required to make these products. We fill our cushions with wool pads, which have a lower environmental impact when compared with traditional cushion fillings.

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