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I want people to fall in love with the oceans

Feel good, do good ocean living. We give back to the oceans.

For every item sold, we will contribute towards healthier oceans and a better understanding of our relationship with the sea. We will donate 5% of our profits towards important research tackling the environmental issues of our time and another 5% towards selected charitable projects on marine conservation and applied marine science, as well as science communications including science-art. It is in our DNA to always continue to spread ocean literacy and ocean love with our inter-disciplinary work.

We believe in custom-made slow fashion. We keep limited stock and some pieces are offered as pre-order and some are made to order. 

As a student of marine science I often saw something unique, a hidden world, a mystery. I was learning and working on projects that involved looking down microscopes as well as looking at images taken by unmanned vehicles and robots in the deep sea, around seamounts or under the sea ice in polar regions. There were images of diatoms, beautiful phytoplankton, deep sea fish, corals and much more including worms in the sediments!

Processes were fascinating too; studying seawater formation, ocean currents and how they help shape our climate was humbling and made me realise the interconnectivity of it all.

I fell in love with this beautiful world of the oceans and was in awe. It awoke my curiosity. I started to realise that most people would never see these beautiful creatures, ecosystems and how interconnected they all are. These things only rarely appear in the news. I loved what I saw and wanted to share it with people, but wasn’t sure how.

One day while having coffee with a friend in the small Scottish town of Oban I saw at least seven people wearing scarves with butterflies and flowers. They were really nice, but I just wondered why weren’t people wearing the things I was seeing in those research images such as phytoplankton or the strange organisms we see under the microscope from far away corners of the oceans.

Then I realised that textiles are the perfect medium. I had no idea about textiles, but I just thought this is it. It would be amazing to show the beauty and importance of the ocean through textiles starting with scarves as a medium.

That desire started a subconscious process that took me on a different path, one that I never imagined. From then on, inspiration was everywhere, at the marine lab, during walks and even in my sleep. In my dreams I started seeing designs, colours and forms. I would go to the beach, watch washed-out jellyfish and think about the colours and shapes and patterns in bikinis, scarves and other items.

I wanted to materialise this unique world in a tangible way so textiles became the ideal canvas; you can touch the fabric and wear the sea on your skin.

Showing people that our world is bigger than we think from what we see at the surface became a mission. We can go deeper, beyond what our senses can take in and with awe, discover the amazing hidden ecosystems and their interactions.

This is a blue planet and the oceans are so important, they are our life support system. We need the oceans to live, and in turn the oceans need us to look after the ecosystems and be more sustainable. Crùbag was borne out of the desire to share the hidden world that I saw when I was a student. I was so in love with it and textiles were the perfect way to show that love.

Crùbag was founded by Jessica Giannotti in Dec 2013 after completing her studies in marine science. She uses her background in this field as well as her skills in the creative industries to design and develop products that tell the story behind the inspiration. With a studio in the old teaching lab at the Scottish Marine Institute on the beautiful west coast of Scotland, Crùbag draws constant inspiration from its setting.

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