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We want you to be proud of the purchase you make from Crùbag

Sustainable production and moving away from fast fashion is our way of thinking. We believe in slow fashion and organic growth. We are taking the slow and steady route to make sure that the end result is one of lasting beauty and personal value to all of us.

Feel good, do good ocean living

We tell the story behind each collection and help disseminate scientific discoveries through our creative work and our science outreach programme. This is available to all online and in the form of beautiful booklets, tags and cards accompanying our products. Spreading ocean literacy is at the core of our mission.

By making high-quality, beautiful and sustainably produced scarves and other accessories for you and your home with love and care for the environment we hope to bring you happiness, joy and untold stories about our beautiful oceans. Being connected to nature is a fundamental need for our souls.

Sustainability and slow fashion

We are a sustainable luxury and slow fashion brand with a heart and passion for the environment.

Our products are beautiful tangible ocean stories made with love and craftsmanship. We only use natural fabrics such as silks, linen, cottons and blends and work to very high environmental standards. We combine cutting edge technologies like digital printing with skilled traditional craftsmanship, the best of both worlds. Our ethos is to seek the most sustainable forms of printing, reducing waste by using offcuts and print errors in the creation of new products. We also try to avoid using plastic wherever possible.

Digital printing is a world in itself. It requires sophisticated equipment, specialised craftsmanship and continuous assessment of the processes involved. Steaming and colour settings vary from run to run. Factors such as the humidity of the day or variations in the base fabric can alter the results. Each print run is unique and print houses have perfected their craftsmanship to offer innovation, great results and sustainability. We can offer bespoke services, small limited edition runs and can scale up when needed. We believe in creating high quality, treasured products made with love. Digital printing also allows us to be free with our designs since we are able to print millions of colours and work with microscopy images without flattening, reducing colour output or doing colour separations. We just love it!

Crùbag products are manufactured in the U.K. using natural fabrics, and each item is finished by hand in Scotland, England and/or Italy.

We show our passion for the environment through our designs and stories and also in how we make our products. We create with care and responsibility, making products that are beautiful, desirable and unique. Eco-friendly production with social responsibility throughout our supply chain is key to us, we will continue to learn and improve our sourcing and processes as we grow and evolve guided by our values.

Our customers receive accessories that have a minimal impact on the environment, tell a story they like and connect to.

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