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A New Sense of Luxury

Science and art are two not so distant expressions of the same attempt to try to make sense and understand the world around us. The former through the study of the tangible physical and elemental reality of our planet and the universe we sit in. The latter, through...

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Interview with Ruth Flora Patterson

Crùbag collaborated with scientist Ruth Flora Paterson to create the Flora Collection. Ruth just finished her PhD at the Scottish Association for Marine Science in Oban, Scotland. What got you interested and what keeps you interested in Harmful Algal Blooms? I kind of...

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Interview with Claire Gachon

Crùbag sat down with scientist Dr Claire Gachon to hear more about her motivations and the Ectocarpus-Eurychasma model that inspired the collection. Crùbag: Hi Claire, please tell us a little bit more about your research, your motivation, how you came up with this...

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About Richard Shucksmith

Our first blog entry is dedicated to the award winning photographer Richard Shucksmith under “Ocean Lovers” and “Friends are Family”. He is one of our first supporters and his breathtaking images deserve a post of its own. We are very grateful to Richard for believing...

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