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We spread ocean love and literacy through design craftsmanship and sustainable luxury accessories

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Immerse yourself in our world of interiors. Our homeware products are all Made in Scotland and have a connection to our studio in Argyll. Crùbag has created beautiful interior products such as cushions and napkin sets – all made from natural fabrics.

Crùbag is establishing a unique world of interiors where our customers will discover and immerse themselves in a new realm of colours, textures and ocean stories through our unique pieces inspired by the marine environment. Our beautiful designs will add a new sense of natural beauty, joy and mystery to your home.

These collections combine innovative digital printing technology, beautiful natural Scottish fabrics such as linen, cottons and Harris Tweed and traditional techniques that rely on skilled craftsmanship, such as embroidery and embellishments normally used in Haute Couture.

Our passion for the environment extends to the materials required to make these products. We fill our cushions with wool pads, which have a lower environmental impact when compared with traditional cushion fillings.

For every item sold, we will contribute towards healthier oceans and a better understanding of our relationship with the sea. We will donate 5% of our profits towards important research tackling the environmental issues of our time and another 5% towards selected charitable projects on marine conservation and applied marine science, as well as science communications including science-art. It is in our DNA, we will always continue to spread ocean literacy and ocean love with our inter-disciplinary work.

Our pieces are delivered with care instructions and two postcards: one about the design and one about our knowledge-based campaigns. We will also include a lovely booklet with the story behind the collection and science outreach information. We are sharing exciting ocean stories with you.

We believe in custom-made slow textile production. We keep limited stock: some pieces are offered as pre-order and some are made to order. Prices include 20% VAT.We offer free delivery to our customers in the UK. Europe standard delivery charge: £8.50. Rest of the world: £12.50. 

Our sustainable luxury interior pieces are collectible ocean stories in a tangible form for your home. They will connect you to nature, to the oceans, exciting scientific discoveries and a hidden world of fascinating creatures, ecosystems and natural processes. Our pieces are the perfect conversation starter and are made with loads and loads of love and care.

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