RAE Capsule Collection

An extraordinary initiative is underway, one that has already taken 78 women on an expedition to Antarctica. The Homeward Bound Project aims to highlight our planet as a home instead of a resource.

It originated with a goal to prepare women to take leadership roles at a time of global environmental change. Supported by scientists like Jane Goodall and Sylvia Earle, and by the UN Secretary General Christiana Figueres, it is the beginning of a global network of women working in science to improve sustainability for our future, on the planet we call ‘home’. Our planet is facing immense challenges such as climate change and now more than ever we need development opportunities to bring innovative solutions to our global issues.

RAE Capsule Collection

We collaborated with Dr Raeanne Miller and Homeward Bound Projects to develop a capsule collection of silk scarves and pocket squares.

This colourful collection was inspired by marine ecology, renewables and Homeward Bound’s leadership programme in Antarctica.

Products are no longer available on our online shop as the project has successfully concluded. Please do get in touch if you have any further questions or would like to make a custom order from this collection.


The Scientist

“Working at the interfaces of science disciplines is exciting, it’s so challenging, but also really rewarding”

Dr Raeanne Miller

Dr Raeanne Miller, a marine ecologist and researcher in industrial impacts based at the Scottish Association for Marine Science, has a new role as Knowledge Exchange and Communications Manager for Blue Action. It is very fitting that Homeward Bound also aims to fill the gap between science and decision making. The project’s overarching goal is to establish the impact of a changing Arctic on weather and climate in the Northern Hemisphere. She was one of the women selected for the inaugural Homeward Bound Antarctica Expedition in 2017.

Raeanne says: “My Dad worked in the oil and gas industry, while my uncle worked for Sepa, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency. So you can imagine the dinner table conversations.”

While she has always loved science, technology and engineering, Raeanne’s career path has constantly meandered between academia and business, but always with a strong element of communication. Her PhD focused on human impacts on ocean landscapes from the perspective of the animals – wind turbines as stepping stones for barnacles to expand their geographical range. This research required field, lab, computer modelling and teamwork to bring such a multidisciplinary task together.

Why she cares about science, service and communication

Raeanne is particularly interested in the structures which humans continue to build in the sea, and how they can be designed or modified both for human and ecological benefit. After having altered most of the planet’s surface, the world’s oceans are currently the new target and playground for a multitude of interest groups. Raeanne calls this the “urbanisation of the oceans”.

It is her wish to begin a dialogue and to transfer knowledge between different interest groups. This is now the driving force behind her science career.

As a knowledge exchange fellow for the renewable energy sector, she aims to communicate marine science to engineers, scientists and policy-makers in a common language, to achieve the common goal of clean energy development.

What she hoped to get to of Homeward Bound

By participating in Homeward Bound, Raeanne aims to become a confident and decisive leader, better able to communicate science outside of the academic realm. By engaging with other like-minded women who care about the future of the planet, covering a wide range of scientific disciplines, it gave Raeanne a chance to build a solid network to call upon for support and guidance and different perspectives as her career progresses. She also had the opportunity to go to Antarctica and witness this amazing and fragile landscape first hand, something that very few people have done. The polar regions support an immense variety of life but they are the most vulnerable to climate change.

Crùbag’s Involvement

Crùbag is very excited to be part of this project and to help Raeanne promote her participation in Homeward Bound as well as promote the next generations of female scientist participants. The project has become a complementary outlet for communication and dissemination. We have created a capsule collection of three designs that best represents Raeanne, her background and her role in Homeward Bound as well as her future. Although Raeanne’s project is now completed, if you want to get involved, please read on!

The Next Step

Homeward Bound is the start of a global collaboration of women able to influence policy and decisions towards a sustainable future, and Raeanne Miller was privileged to be part of this process. Crùbag accompanied Raeanne during her journey and now, keeping the continuity with Homeward Bound, and our support to women working towards understanding climate change, we want to help the next selection of female scientists, specifically Dr Adriana Humanes from Venezuela. Adriana is a marine ecologist studying the effects of climate change on coral reef reproduction.

This is particularly close to Jessica’s heart (Jessica is the founder of Crùbag), since she is also Venezuelan and is keen to see the scientific talent from her home country supported and championed.
Scientists from developing and unstable countries have more hurdles to overcome in their careers, but the work they do is no less important and needs an extra leg up to be heard.

Adriana Humanes works as a Postdoctoral Research Assistant, at Newcastle University. She has been selected as one of 78 international female scientists to take part in the second edition of Homeward Bound. Adriana’s journey starts 10 February 2018 and ends the 14 March 2018. This will be a life-changing experience for her, and more importantly, this initiative will be world changing! For Adriana participating in this initiative is really important since it will connect her to a network of beautiful souls working with one challenging objective: to understand and mitigate climate change! Homeward Bound will cover 60% of the cost of her participation in the programme and she managed to raise a large proportion of the funds needed. We would like to help her with the rest.

Perseverance, positivity and consistency are the words that define Adriana. She is convinced that she will be able to raise all the money and be part of this amazing programme. We would like to help Adriana as much as possible. Any amount raised will go towards supporting Adriana and future generations of Venezuelan female scientists that dream of participating in this leadership training programme.

Now we can help Adriana and the next generations one square at a time by donating £5 for every RAE / HomewardBound Pocket Square sold and £10 for every RAE Red / Turquoise Scarf sold.

Along with any RAE product purchased, you will additionally receive a beautifully printed postcard signed by Adriana with a thank you note, as well as a breathtaking e-book with images, notes and sketches from Adriana’s incredible journey in Antarctica. This offer is exclusive for you and will be valid throughout 2018 only. Let’s help Adriana and be part of this amazing adventure.

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