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Crùbag scarves can reach iconic status over time becoming collectable ocean stories in a tangible form.

With their unique designs, soft and sumptuous feeling and high-quality hand-finished edges, these wearable art pieces elevate your outfit and are the perfect versatile accessory for any occasion.

Feel connected to nature, see the unexpected beauty of the oceans and explore a world of fascinating marine life, ecosystems, natural processes and exciting scientific discoveries.

Your scarves are delivered in a beautiful eco-friendly Crùbag gift box with tags and care instructions. Additionally, our luxurious gift boxes are also filled with additional goodies such as colourful postcards showing the design and explaining our science-based campaigns.  We also include our signature ocean-literacy booklet containing images, fun facts and the story behind the collection.

With every item purchased, you inspire, contribute towards healthier oceans and a better understanding of our relationship with the sea.

We donate a proportion of our profits towards important research tackling the environmental issues of our time. Together, with you, we are on a mission to raise awareness and save the oceans. Your purchases support science-based development, increase ocean literacy and share ocean love.

Crùbag products are eco-friendly, made with love and care for people and the environment. As part of our sustainable production goals, we make small batches and keep limited stock.

We offer FREE UK Delivery to our customers in the UK. For the rest of the world including Europe, we offer International Standard Delivery for £12.50. We ship worldwide, please refer to our terms and conditions for further details including exceptions.

Join the ocean revolution. The time has come.

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