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Crùbag believes marine science is beautiful. We create luxury scarves, pocket squares and stunning textiles for your home. Crùbag was born of a desire to share the hidden secrets of the oceans and connect us with the sea, exciting scientific discoveries and the need to understand environmental issues. By bringing textiles, science and environmental education together with craftsmanship as well as sustainable practises, we create a new sense of luxury that goes beyond the surface to connect you with the beautiful world around us.
At Crùbag it is our mission to bring you joy with our beautiful pieces and to shine a light on the tiny windows of wonder that scientists are opening on the natural world, and to share the passion and love we have for the sea. Crùbag products are manufactured in the U.K. using natural fabrics, and each item is finished by hand in Scotland and Italy.
We love creativity and combine bold colourful aesthetics with storytelling. Crùbag’s designer Jessica Giannotti uses her background in Marine Science to tell the story behind the designs. With a design studio in the old teaching lab at the Scottish Association for Marine Science on the beautiful west coast of Scotland, Crùbag draws constant inspiration from its setting.
We donate 10% of our profits to scientific institutions to support continued research and marine conservation projects. Join our campaigns of knowledge-based activism. Our new coming campaign: #ThePowerofSmall


Crùbag is launching a new online shop and website with engaging content, stories and science outreach very soon. We appreciate your patience. If you would like to order something now please contact us. We spread ocean literacy and make beautiful sustainable luxury scarves and other accessories for you and your home with love and care for the environment.

Let’s Dance Cushion. As seen in The World of Interiors magazine. For ordering and more information please click HERE.




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Scottish Marine Institute
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